I am in Canada as a tourist and my status expires in a few days. What can I do?

Jan 16, 2008 @ 05:07 pm by Patricia Wells

If you are in Canada, you can apply to extend your status. You must fill in the necessary form (available at Immigration’s website: www.cic.gc.ca), and send it in with the necessary fee – $75 per person.


You should make sure your application arrives at Immigration (in Vegreville, Alberta) BEFORE your status expires. If your application arrives after that date for whatever reason (including if you send it late), you will have to pay an extra fee of $200 per person. If you pay the $200 extra fee, you are even allowed to send in your application up to 90 days after your status expires, if you explain why it was sent late.

As long as your application for extension arrives at Immigration before your status expires, you will still be considered a LEGAL visitor in Canada, even if you don’t receive your new document until after your status expires.

Speak to a lawyer for more detailed information.